Ordering flows

Preordering, Self Service, QR table ordering, Delivery & Shipping

An Order Flow for any situation

Ordin is built to facilitate a number of different ordering flows, making it usable for almost any business that want to offer a digital ordering experience.

Preorder pickup

Want to allow customers to preorder online, and pickup their order for the selected time? Ordin's pickup order flow helps facilitate this exact flow. This can be useful for a takeaway business that wants a more convenient and integrated alternative to the big platform solutions.

QR table ordering

Do you have tabels and want to allow customers to simply scan a QR code with their phone and place an order themselves? Ordin's table ordering with smart QR codes knows what table the customer is ordering from, and orders can either be payed for online, or later at the till.

Self Service

If you want your customers to simply take the products they want themselves, and pay online without any staff intervention, then the Ordin Self Service flow can help you achieve this.

Delivery & Shipping

If you also want to allow customers to place orders which you then deliver or ship to them, then the Delivery and Shipping flow can help you facilitate this.

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