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GASOLINE GRILL needed a fully integrated Online Ordering Solution and Points of Sales solution. Ordin, together with ExtendaGO, helped them achieve this by building on the foundation of Ordin's fully Customisable App.

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Ordin makes it easy to sell online

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What is Ordin?

Introducing Ordin – the all-in-one online ordering solution designed to transform your business. With Ordin, you can effortlessly offer your customers a seamless online ordering experience while maintaining your brand identity. Say goodbye to hefty fees and dependence on third-party platforms. Built on top of ExtendaGo, Ordin integrates with your existing POS system, streamlining order management and providing real-time control. Whether it's self-service, pickup, delivery, or QR-table ordering, Ordin has you covered. Engage your customers with loyalty programs, drive sales through preorder options, and optimize your operations with intuitive order flow control. With support for various payment methods and compatibility across iOS, Android, and Web, Ordin is perfect for restaurants, cafes, bars, and more. Experience the power of Ordin and take ownership of your online ordering journey.


Ordin is fully integrated with ExtendaGO. This means that you don't have to worry about setting up the menu, or about the administation of orders. It all happens automatically!


Ordin has a purchasing flow for almost any situation. And while ordin is easy to use out the box, it is also highly configurable, with a lot of options for configuring the system to fit your business needs.

Earn more

Ordin is an easy and economical way of reaching more customers, and sell via more channels, without having to opt into a separate and expensive platform solution.

A flow for every use case

Ordin has a purchasing flow for almost any situation. Whether you want to offer your customers an online experience efor take-away ordering, delivery, QR table ordering or self-service, Ordin has a flow for it!

Integrated loyalty

Customer loyalty is very important. Getting new customers is both hard and expensive, so being able to keep the customers you already have, is key for any business. Ordin has several loyalty features, such as loyalty points, personal discounts, promo codes, gift cards and vouchers, all fully integrated with ExtendaGO, allowing you to provide your loyal customers with a consistent experience whether they're shopping online or in person.

Ordin Solutions

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The Online Ordering Website is at the core of Ordin's solutions. It's simple and intuitive, and an easy way for any business to reach more customers without having to change their workflow.

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Store Display

The Store Display is the counterpart to the website. This is Ordin's control panel built for the staff that receive the orders. With this solution your staff will have much greater control and insight.

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Custom App

The Custom App is the solution for brands that want something unique for their customers, while retaining the reliability of the standard solution. With Ordin's Custom app you can have both!

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