Store Display

Control your orders, control your customer's experience

Flexible, Responsive, Adaptive

The Ordin Store Display is built to help improve the experience and control for the crew dealing with incoming orders. Every store is different, and has different work flows and challenges. The Ordin Store Display is built with this in mind.

Order Flow Control

The Ordin Store Display is built on top of ExtendaGo, allowing it to show orders placed via the POS and Online. This allows the crew to work with orders in the same way, no matter where the orders are from. Once an order is placed, the Store Display's alarm will go off to notify the crew and the screen shows when the order needs to be ready, who it's for, and what has been ordered.

Order lifecycle

  • Pending*. When an order is placed by a customer, the order needs to be accepted by the crew giving them the ability to reject or postpone the order. This step is optional and can be disabled!
  • Live. Once an order has been accepted it becomes live, signalling that it needs to be prepared and made ready for the time shown. A timer and color codes helps to communicate this to the crew.
  • Ready*. When an order has been prepared it then becomes ready; either to be collected, handed over or delivered to the customer. This step is optional and can be disabled!
  • Complete. When the customer has received the order, it is complete and will disappear from the screen. It can however still be found and brought back from the "history" tab.


  • Tap once on a live order to start preparing it. This will tell the screen that the order is being prepared, and give the crew a summarised view together with other orders that's being prepared at the same time.
  • Tap twice to update the order. This will bring the order into its next lifecycle step; 
    Pending -> Live -> Ready -> Complete
  • Press and hold to inspect. If you want to see more information about an order, press and hold it to bing up the order details.

Production Station

The Ordin Store Display does not only help the crew manage orders, but also manage the products in the orders. The Store Display can be configured to fit the needs of the individual stores, and one store can even have several Store Display Stations with different configurations.


Setup a filter to hide any products that aren't relevant for a Store Display Station, to remove unnecessary noice and help the crew focus on what's important. If you don't need to view the drinks but only the food that needs to be prepared, then configure the Store Display to only show products that require preparation. This will hide all products that don't fit these criteria, and even completely hide orders that aren't relevant.

Preparation overview

Tap once on orders that is being prepared, and have the screen calculate the products in these orders, that require preparation. This will create an overview of products, across orders, that makes it easier for the crew to focus on what needs to be prepared.

Timeslots and preparation time

To help the staff manage incoming orders and customer expectations, the Store Display has a number of tools to control how soon orders can be placed along with automatic and manual way of completely turning of ordering at specific times of the day. It also have a "rush hour" feature to disable all orders when things get really heated!

Preparation time

Set the preparation duration to tell the system how long the crew need to prepare an order. This duration will be used to calculate the earliest time at which an order can be placed online. This duration will also apply to POS orders helping the staff prioritise orders from all channels.

Timeslots & capacity

Use the timeslots at the top of the Store Display to get an overview of how busy the coming hours of the day will be. Close busy timeslots manually to avoid any more online orders coming through for those times, or set up a "capacity limit" to have the system do this automatically. Setup a "capacity to produce" on the products, and a "capacity per time" on the timeslots to achieve this.

Stock control

Keep track of what has been sold, and what can be sold with the built in Product Stock view.
Products are grouped by category, for an easier overview. Tap on a product to make it sold out, either for this day only or for all preorders, or set a limit on products that can be sold so that the system automatically can make to product sold out.
You can also make an entire category sold out!
Changes made will be reflected in the Online Ordering Website immediately avoiding orders having to be canceled and customers having a bad experience.

Available on Web, iOS & Android

You can use the Store Display on your laptop, your iPad or on big industry grade Android tablets. This way you don't have to go out and invest in new expensive hardware to get going, as the Store Display will work anywhere!

Want to learn more?

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