Gasoline Grill

Gasoline Grill regains order control and operational efficiency with Ordin's Store Display

Gasoline Grill, renowned for being named one of the best burgers in the world by Bloomberg, is a burger restaurant chain in Copenhagen known for their exceptional food and commitment to excellence. With a growing customer base and seven locations in Copenhagen, they needed a comprehensive solution that would provide a centralised platform to handle both in-store and online orders seamlessly.

The Challenge: Addressing business growth with a scalable solution to ensure exceptional service

As Gasoline Grill experienced rapid business growth, they faced the challenge of effectively managing their increasing number of orders. Thus, it became crucial for Gasoline Grill to have a system in place that could keep up with their growing demands while allowing them to maintain control over their order processes. They needed a solution that could provide them with the necessary tools and capabilities to streamline their order management, ensure efficient operations, and effectively control their order intake. This challenge prompted Gasoline Grill to seek a system that could scale with their business and help them meet the demands of their growing customer base.

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The Solution: How Gasoline Grill regained order control with Ordin

Gasoline Grill found the perfect solution in Ordin’s Store Display. This solution seamlessly integrated with Gasoline Grill's existing ExtendaGo POS system, providing them with the tools to regain control over their orders and streamline their operations.

With Ordin's Store Display, Gasoline Grill gained complete control over their orders. This allowed them to manage their products, capacity, and stock seamlessly. By leveraging this newfound control, Gasoline Grill ensured that they only accepted orders that they could fulfill, eliminating the risk of overcommitment and maintaining their commitment to providing high-quality service.

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The Results: Streamlined operations and enhanced customer satisfaction

Since implementing Ordin's Store Display, Gasoline Grill has experienced significant improvements in their operations and customer satisfaction. Here's how they are benefiting from the system:

  • Effective Order Flow Control: Gasoline Grill can keep track of their orders and manage their workload efficiently. The Store Display incorporates a row of timeslots to identify upcoming spikes in preorders. This allows them to automatically or manually disable timeslots to prevent overwhelming order volume.
  • Clear Overview of Orders: Gasoline Grill can mark orders in preparation, and the system calculates the products across orders. This provides a clear overview of items to be prepared and communicates order readiness. The Store Display also includes a list of products sold, enabling manual setting of product availability or automatic adjustment based on predetermined quantities.
  • Capacity-Based Order Acceptance: With complete visibility into incoming orders and their respective completion times, Gasoline Grill can confidently accept orders based on their capacity. This prevents overcommitment and allows them to maintain high-quality service.
  • Superior Customer Experience: Effective order management translates into a superior customer experience. Orders are processed promptly, accurate notifications about order status are provided, and customers experience faster service and reduced wait times.

Gasoline Grill continues to thrive with Ordin's Store Display, which has empowered them to regain control over their orders, optimize their operations, and ensure customer satisfaction. With the ability to manage orders effectively and efficiently, Gasoline Grill sets an example for other businesses in the restaurant industry.

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