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How to Get Started

Getting Started

This guide will show how to set up Komoku. Here you will get to understand how the system works and dive into the details of the most important features and their setup.

What is ExtendaGo?

ExtendaGo is the software that provides the POS, the Back-office and the Kitchen display. With the POS you can handle in-store orders. In the Kitchen display the kitchen staff can view orders that have been received. In the back-office, you can edit products, change settings, see orders and statistics and get a general overview of one or all of your locations.

What is Online Ordering

With the Online Ordering tool, which is integrated with the ExtendaGo system, you are able to sell your products digitally, for takeout or for in-store ordering.In order to start selling, you will need to first sign up. Once you have signed up, you will receive a link to the ExtendaGO backoffice, where you will start with the setup of your restaurant infrastructure.

Understanding how system works

The Online Ordering tool is fully integrated with ExtendaGO. So data such as location information, categories, products, and other settings made in ExtendaGo Back office will be displayed in the Online Ordering tool. Likewise, all orders made through the Online ordering tool will immediately show up in the Kitchen Display, and display as an order in the Backo-ffice dashboard.

In the next steps you can read more in detail about:

• How to create a shop
• How to set up product categories
• Product set up product variants
• Sold out feature

Create a shop

Once you are registered with ExtendaGO, you can move to the first step - adding a shop to the system.
You can add your restaurant's locations under the menu category “shops”.

Click to SHOPS in the top navigation bar
Select subcategory SHOPS
Click at + NEW SHOP
Shop Details Setup

Under shop details, you will be asked to fill in all relevant restaurant information that will be shown on the online ordering tool.

Shop id - click to “+” to generate a unique shop ID - example 7fe60e3a8543
Set up Shop Name
Write a description (optional) that will be displayed in Restaurant’s information popup that is accessible in the menu header.
The Receipt header will display on your printed receipt at very top.
The Receipt footer will display on your printed receipt at the bottom.
Price region stays on “Default”
*This field is mandatory
Address - example "Georg Brandes Plads 2”
Zip - example "1307"
City - example "Copenhagen"
Organization number - example 41872667
Timezone - example GMT+1
Choose the Stock location which you have created under the STOCKS category.
If you haven't created one go to STOCKS > STOCKS and create.
Each restaurant can have its own stock location or they can have a shared one*
*This is only relevant if you are utilizing the stock management system.
Choose Layout template.
Set up hero picture which will be presented in Online ordering platform.
Please take care to have a high-quality picture of format 2650x288px

Product Categories

If you have several products, we recommend you add Product categories. This will be used as the main navigation in the Online Ordering platform.

Click INVENTORY in the top navigation bar
Select subcategory CATEGORIES
Category Details Setup

In category details, you can also set up a parent category if needed. Parent category is mainly used for POS display as the Online Ordering platform displays all categories and subcategories as one big list.

Categories are always in alphabetical order, so in case you would like to have a custom order of categories - add numbers before categories.

(example: 01 Combos, 02 Food, 03 Drinks,...)

Product Setup

In the product setup every product you create will be assigned to a specific category and displayed there. The product will be displayed online, unless you press the "Hide from web" button.

Click INVENTORY in the top navigation bar
Select subcategory PRODUCTS
Click at + NEW PRODUCT
Product Details

In product details you can set the most important information to be able to present your products, however, just a few of them are influencing how the product is presented in Online Ordering Platform.

Product Image - as a product image you can set up one or more images. The product can be also without a picture and still be presented on the online ordering platform.
*When the product is ticked as the “Add-on” picture will not be displayed.
ACTIVE - this tick manages if your product is active for sale. If you want to stop selling the product for while you can just simply unselect this field. Once you will be ready to sell the product again, you will be ready just with one click.
ADD-ON - tick this field if you want this product to be just as an add-on (extra) to another product. That means that the product will not be presented on the menu by itself.
HIDE FROM WEB - tick this field if you want to hide the product for online selling only. Product will stay active but only in POS for In-store purchases.
NAME - Select the name that will represent the product on the Online Ordering Platform.
CATEGORY - select categories you want the product to be part of.
Multi-select allowed.
SHOP - select locations that should sell this product online.
Multi-select allowed.
DESCRIPTION - The description will be displayed within the product on the online ordering platform. When products are presented in the menu, the user will be able to read only the first 116 characters. The whole text is available to read just when the product will be open.
Product Variants

Under variants, you can set up variations of your product from sizes, types, flavours or whatever you desire.

• On the image you can see an example of Americano that has 3 sizes variants - Large, Medium and small.

• You can also set up stock value and different pricing for each variant separately.

*When a product has variants, our sold out feature does apply - that means that products with variations will be available all the time. You can expect updates with the Sold out feature for variants in the future.

Add-on Products

If your product has an add-on, here is where you will manage them.

• With MIN and MAX you can manage if the choice of this field will be mandatory perhaps limited

. If you wish to have a product preselected, you select the product variant, and set ´INITIAL´ to 1.

If you will set up MIN value to 1 and MAX value to 5 - The user will need to choose at least 1 but a maximum of 5 items in this add-on field.

*If fields do not have any values - the user can choose an unlimited number of add-on in this field. Remember to press "Update Product"to save selection.

Sold Out Feature

This feature works for all products which do not have any variants. If the product has variants, you need to set the stock on the specific variant level.

The feature works based on the product's stock setup, which you can manage in the product's setup details. 

When the product's stock reaches value 0 - the product will be tagged as sold out and it will be unavailable to purchase.

This feature can also be unable from our side if you wish. To disable this feature - contact us through: